lets go run foreveri started taking a new approach to mondays, instead of absolutely dreading them i am trying (extra emphasis on trying) to embrace mondays and making the best of them by waking up a little earlier, making a nice breakfast and taking my time getting ready.

this week is a special monday, 3 years ago today we lost an amazing family friend to cancer and gained a great guardian angel. the anniversary of this death also coincides with the birthday of another amazing angel who passed away the year before. both runners, i have planned an nice long run (that will surely kick my butt) through along the mall today because it’s a beautiful sunny day (they’re taking care of that no doubt) and i think that’s the best way to honor their memories. i want to focus on their smiles and laughter, their inspiring words and the fun times i had with them rather than focus on the sadness. i am continuously inspired and in complete awe of their families who have been beacons of strenth, love and faith through the last few years, i only hope that if i were to lose someone so close to me i would be able to handle it with the strength they have demonstrated. so on this special monday i’m saying a special prayer for those who were closest to n and g and pushing a little bit harder through this usually dreaded day of the week.

instead of counting down to friday the minute my alarm goes off, i’m going to just let it get here when it gets here and try to appreciate the little things instead of spending so much time getting frustrated about traffic, or lines or whatever else it is that gets to me during the day.

5 things i’m remembering today:

1. smiles

2. cook-outs

3. running

4. neon

5. basketball

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