snow days

who doesn’t love a good snow day? in honor of all the kids in the d.c. area who are lukcy enough to have snow days today (i wish i was snuggled up in my pj’s watching movies rather than sitting at my desk) i decided i’d share how i spend my “snow day” yesterday.

there are few things better than sleeping in late and having a lazy sunday but when i sleep in late and wake up to a fresh layer of snow outside i can’t help but to feel elated. the first thing i always do when it has just snowed is open all the blinds in the apartment so no matter where i am i can see the snow falling. there is something so peaceful about watching it snow, i don’t know what it is but it’s almost like time stands still for a while, don’t you agree? i was slightly disappointed as in d.c. it rarely truly snows, usually its a snowy/rainy mix but yesterday we had a couple hours of pure snow and it seemed like even the pesky hum of metro and busses outside my apartment windows stopped so i could enjoy my first snow of the season.

hot chocolate, yoga, comfy clothes, baking cookies, a good book and movies. these are my snow day staples and yesterday was no different except we threw decorating for christmas into the mix too!

how many of you have snow days today and how are you planning to spend it?

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