Winter Essentials

Snuggly Winter Essentials

Happy Groundhog Day! I think we were all hoping that Mr. Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow this morning. And now with at least another six weeks of winter heading our way there’s plenty of time left to embrace our favorite winter essentials before spring will be in full bloom. It’s easy to forget that even though you can see the light at the end of the tunnel when February hits, especially when everyone is releasing their new resort lines and brightly colored bikinis are popping up literally everywhere, there is still a while left before we’re done with the cold!

I just got back from an amazing and far too quick weekend in Naples, FL where we had two days of perfect 80° weather and not a cloud in the sky. After spending two very relaxing days on the beach I was less than thrilled to get back to rainy/snowy DC last night! The one good thing about the grey wintry weather is all the amazing snuggly winter essentials, here are a few of my favorites that would be especially perfect for some of these snow days y’all keep having up north!

Winter Essentials

Long walks to the metro/bus stop early in the morning mean very cold ears, these earmuffs are perfect to keep my ears warm without completely ruining my hair and I absolutely love the look of these cocoon jackets. Cozy socks are definitely a winter essential for me, especially since the minute I get home every day the work clothes come off and yoga pants, a big comfy sweater and cozy socks go on, I love these ones! Skinny jeans are crucial this time of year, makes it so much easier to slip into boots (for the rain, for the snow, for everything else!)

What are your favorite winter essentials to snuggle up in and beat the cold?

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