Spring Cleanse Giveaway

Spring Cleanse

I know we’ve been talking about this over the past few Wellness Wednesday’s; but Nicole is running a crazy awesome spring cleanse starting on April 12th and she’s offering one lucky bree west reader free entry into the cleanse!

In order to enter all you have to do is comment on this post (don’t forget to leave us your email address!) and tell us why we should pick you! One lucky reader will be randomly selected to join us for this great cleanse. I’ve done a few smaller cleanses before, mostly shorter juicing cleanses or a few weeks of strict clean eating rules but I’ve never worked with someone before and I can’t wait.

The last few months have been brutal on my body, lots of travel, takeout and eating out. I’m excited to give my system a break with Nicole’s spring cleanse and really focus on putting good nutrition into my body, not to mention the fact that bikini season is around the corner…

I’ll be reaching out to the winner on Monday April 10th! If you don’t win this time around, don’t worry! Nicole is still offering bree west readers a great discount if you’re interested in joining me for the challenge… Lord knows I could use an accountability buddy, or six! If you sign up just use the code breewest at checkout!


Shannon Weel

Oh my goodness, this cleanse sounds amazing! Ever since the beginning of this year my resolution has been to eat better, drink more water, and specifically eat more fruits and vegetables. This cleanse would be an amazing boost to my 2016 goals! Fingers crossed! Thank you for the chance at such a wonderful prize.


We keep talking about doing a cleanse, but never seem to get it all planned out! This would be awesome, thanks for the chance!


Spring cleanse would be a great thing for me! Ready to start fresh a quarter way through this new year. Looking forward to the next phase of my year nice and clean! 😀

204 Park

I love to do a cleanse twice a year, I find it just helps me ‘reset’ some of my eating habits and I always feel so great after :)


I could definitely use a cleanse right about now. I would love to reset my body after also traveling and stress eating a ton. :) brinewt22 (@) gmail.com


Noooo… I missed the giveaway! I actually just hit up the grocery store tonight and am ready to start doing my best to get my body on the right track to a healthier lifestyle. There’s no time like the present! Good luck with your cleanse! xo


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