The Travel Bug: Packing Tips

Packing Tips

march has been the month of mini trips, florida, oregon, new york and camden, sc. its going to be hectic and exhausting especially with everything going on at work. but its definitely going to be a fun month, i mean who doesn’t love weekend getaways? since i’m going to be packing a lot this month i figured it would be the perfect time to share some of my packing tips!

confession: i am not the worlds best packer, but i try so that has to count for something right! i tend to overpack, kind of, i’ll bring too many of some things but not enough of others, i usually chalk it up to a good excuse to go shopping. i’m slowly getting better though, when i went to naples last weekend i didn’t actually need to go shopping for anything (not that that stopped me)! i am also one of those last minute packer who throws a whole bunch of stuff in my bag late the night before or early the morning of, i am the queen of procratination. here are some of my tips that help me stay at least semi organized:

1. don’t stress: packing is probably one of the most stressful activities i can think of. which is stupid. take the stress out of packing by reminding yourself that it’s okay to forget something, because guess what? there are stores where you’re going. and while they may not have that super cute top you bought specifically for the trip, they will have something and when you look back at the trip you’re not going to remember what you didn’t have or what you wore, you’re going to remember that amazing meal, or the adventures you went on.

2. make a list: i have a running list in my phone the weeks leading up to my trips, the first 10 things or so are my must haves for every trip- toothbrush, pjs, makeup etc. this is my launch point for all my trips then i list everything else underneath it so after one trip i can delete and start the list for the next!

3. use my obsessive weather checking to my advantage: i check my weather app on my phone roughly 30 times a day. i don’t know why but it’s one of those things that i kind of just do without thinking about it. i love that i can add different cities to the app so i at least have an idea of what the weather is going to be like when i’m traveling. it’s helpful to at least know whether i need to pack a down jacket or if i can get away with just a long sleeve shirt!

4. don’t forget socks and underwear: when i was younger and starting to pack for trips on my own my mom would always say “don’t forget to pack socks and underwear!” it drove me crazy, duh mom how am i going to forget socks and underwear. now that i don’t have her always reminding me, guess what? i almost never pack enough of either. i am always so concerned with fitting my 27 pairs of shoes or all my outfits that i am always short on the essentials. it drives me crazy. the last few trips i’ve put it at the top of my essentials list and made sure i packed them first so i would have enough.

5. travel in comfy and heavy outfits: this applies more for longer or international trips where you have to be really conscious of how much your bag weighs. i have learned that while i want to look nice while flying (you never know who you’ll be sitting next to!) i also want to be comfortable. also, pulling off a pair of leather boots to go through security is really just not practical, so i make sure to wear easy shoes to get on and off, i love these, and i usually wear comfortable jeans and a nice top or sweater. easy, comfy, but still presentable! also if i need to bring a jacket i always wear it or carry it with me. it is likely one of my heavier items.

6. pack a change of clothes: always, always, always pack a change of clothes on your carryon bag. and make sure the outfit is appropriate for whatever event you have going on that first night. if your bags do get lost (and it does happen!) the airlines will usually locate and deliver them to you within the first 24 hours of your trip- this way you will have something to wear your first night without having to rush to the store or buy some awful outfit that you’ll never wear again from the hotel shop. i recently bought an amazing kate spade weekender from the surprise sale, it fits all of my carry-on necessities and a change of clothes without being too heavy. i love it.

7. pack outfits: this is something i still struggle with sometimes, think about what you need to dress for, dinners, days touring the city, hanging out at the pool a hike, whatever it may be. make a list if you have to then start laying out outfits for those activities. this way you can have everything on your bed or couch or wherever to see and you can make sure you have enough options rather than just standing in your closet and grabbing things to toss in a bag!

8. pack twice: if you think you have too much stuff you probably do, once you’ve packed everything go through it again and see what you can take out. you probably don’t need 5 pairs of norts for a weekend trip and can probably get away with one pair of lounge pants. be conscious of how much space you have in your bag and go from there.

what are some of your packing tips?

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