the travel bug – portland

love to travel. i really mean love, i get antsy when i stay in one place too long and i think experiencing new cultures, places, food, people and everything else that goes along with traveling is one of the greatest things this world has to offer. i tend to jump at the chance to travel whenever it comes up and this past week i am so happy i got to spend the week and the holiday in portland, oregon.

i’ve been out here a few times over the past year and i always get so lucky with the weather, this week was no exception. it was so gorgeous, it only rained once! and it was super warm the whole week. since i’ve been here so many times i don’t do so many of the touristy things anymore, i have my favorite spots to walk around and explore (the pearl district and after this trip NW 23rd) but it’s just such a cool city to hang out in. here are some highlights from the week!

Portland, Oregonkeep portland weird is a saying in portland meant to promote local businesses, i love that its painted on the side of this building in massive letters, i don’t know why but i always think its cool. i was in charge of all the desserts for thanksgiving with j’s family, i made an apple crisp, a pumpkin pie (my favorite), and some homemade whipped cream- i’ll post recipes soon! cacao is one of my favorite places in all of portland, the liquid in those cups is chocolate. not hot cocoa but a special kind of drinking chocolate. you should know i really don’t like chocolate but for some reason i love this place the cinnamon infused one is my favorite! j and i took the dog for a walk on thanksgiving day because it was absolutely beautiful out and we needed to do some form of exercise before sitting down to eat so many delicious foods! final voodoo donuts is a must go if you’re in portland, the donuts are wicked funky and delicious!

overall the city is a hidden gem of the west coast and one i’m so happy to have been able to visit so many times. it has so much to offer year round and has such a great energy surrounding it. the food is amazing, seriously, i haven’t been to a restaurant i didn’t love yet!  plus there’s something really cool about being in a major city with trees everywhere, i know it sounds silly but it makes it feel more like a small town than a major city.

needless to say, i’ll be counting down the days till my next visit here!

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