{bree reads} the vacationers

the vacationers by emma straub

i’ve been hearing about the vacationers everywhere lately, it’s number 26 on the new york times best sellers list so last week after adding it to my summer reading list, i decided i’d get it on my nook and start and finished reading it over the weekend (ps my nook is amazing and i love it but i am always a little sad when i stumble across a gorgeous cover like this, especially since this is my favorite color and my nook is black and white, hmpf) it was a quick read but so good; about a- you guessed it- family on vacation for two weeks on the spanish island of mallorca, spain, with their close friends escape from their daily lives and come together to learn how well they know each other (or don’t) and which relationships will endure and which will fall apart. with great character depth and humor, secrets are revealed through the relatable interactions of family and friends.

i thought it was a great summer read, its a story that at this point could write itself, but emma straub took the story and renewed it. i don’t know about you but i’ve certainly been on those family vacations when after a few days of everyone under one roof tensions run a little high, maybe not quite to this extent, but we’ve all had those moments which made it an amusing read.

loved it (in case you couldn’t tell) and highly recommend it. it’s the perfect beach, pool, summer read. pick up the vacationers and let me know what you thought!

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