{wednesday words of wisdom} i’m turning 23

this weeks wednesday words of wisdom are in honor of my birthday (which is on thursday!!!) 23 isn’t a big celebration birthday, it’s not 21 or 25, there’s no taylor swift song about it- it’s the limbo of your early twenties. because of this i feel like i’ve been reflecting more in the last few weeks than i usually do around my birthday, here are some quotes and words of wisdom that are on my radar this year during my birthday week.

1. i will hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection

i need to get better about this. life isn’t perfect- how boring would it be if it was? embracing and accepting the imperfections are what makes life more colorful though don’t you agree?

2. “it matters not what a person is born, but who they choose to be.” -j.k. rowling

the last six months have come with a series of crossroads, i’ve gone from a college student to an unemployed post-grad to an intern at disney world to a young professional in washington d.c. one thing i’ve learned is we create our paths by choosing which way to go. dare to be different and shoot for the stars.

3. “sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith” – margaret shepard

i think most twenty-something young adults, gals and guys, can relate to this, there are a lot of uncertainties that come along with graduating college and preparing for the dreaded “real world” and i’m a firm believer that sometimes you just have to go for it and see what happens

4. “you is kind, you is smart, you is important” -kathryn stockett

who doesn’t adore this quote from the help, i wish i had someone saying this to me every morning before i start my day don’t you? say it to yourself, say it to your friends, your family, your coworkers. because you are kind, smart and important!

5. “today me will live in the moment unless its unpleasant in which case me will eat a cookie” -cookie monster

i think this one is especially important to remember to not only embrace the present and live in the moment but not to stress and get super overwhelmed when that moment may not be picture perfect. this is something i have a hard time implementing, but who else would rather relax and eat a cookie rather than stress about everything that is going wrong?

what words of wisdom are on your radar right now?

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