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{friday five} weekend reading

 weekend reading

it’s been a long and great month full of some really exciting and fun things. i have been fortunate enough to spend most of the last month with some of my closest friends from high school, in new york city, charleston and finishing up this week/weekend in dc; i finally closed on my condo last week and am now a proud homeowner; and  i’ve made some exciting steps in the blogging world. overall, it’s been a really great month, but also an exhausting one. i don’t know about you but this week just about killed me between another week of hosting people in dc and getting my apartment semi-set up and painted, not to mention it’s been a particularly busy week at work! this morning i realized just how exhausted i was and stopped and looked at my new favorite app sleep cycle and realized just how little sleep i’ve been getting. and it’s definitely starting to catch up with me. i’m headed to charlottesville, va for a weekend getaway with some of my friends and we’re staying at a country club that doesn’t allow any technology outside of your private rooms! and while i wish i was heading somewhere like that photo, i’m hoping the little escape from the world and a weekend at the pool will do me some good and give my body the break it’s so desperately craving.

in the meantime here are some fun things if you’re looking for weekend reading

for the insomniac:

you need this app. while it won’t help you fall asleep or remedy your insomnia, it helps you track and learn about your sleeping habits and what daily habits contribute to the good, the bad and the ugly nights’ sleep! i started using it fairly recently (although it’s been on my phone for a few months!) and it has really helped me identify the keys to getting a good night’s sleep! there’s a great article about it here if you want to learn more about it. give it a try and let me know what you think!

for the stylish one:

i picked up this popover the other night and i’m obsessed. i can’t wait to style it and get some pictures up! it’s so comfy!

for the interior designer:

did you see this amazing slide show of pink rooms? i will admit i’m not a big fan of pink, but as i’ve been decorating i’ve been drawn to more and more pinkafter seeing this slideshow i may trade in my palette of blues for some of these amazing pinks!  i even just picked out a pink paint color for my closet that’s amazing.

for the dc girl:

if you’re in the city this weekend and you like grilled cheese, i highly encourage you to try one of these! i’ve added a couple of them to my list!

for the planner:

these planners are life changing. i’ve never had a better planner (and i’ve had quite a few). the january 2015 ones just went on sale! check them out here. i’m love mine!

what’s on your list for weekend reading? i hope you all have a lovely weekend full of yummy brunches, lazy mornings in bed and fun adventures with friends and family!

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