Wellness with Mind Body Soul Surf Bali

Wellness with Mind Body Soul Surf Bali

Bali was a total cleanse for me, from start to finish the whole goal of the trip was not only to experience something completely new, but also start fresh, find my balance again and just come back with a better sense of overall wellness. Wellness with Mind Bod Soul Surf Bali Retreat checked every one of those boxes. Between daily yoga and meditation, the food we were served, my session with an incredible healer and of course the spa treatments I couldn’t have asked for a better way to help me find that fresh start.

Nasi Campur, Wellness with Mind Body Soul Surf Bali

Wellness with Mind Body Soul Surf Bali was an integral part of the experience and an amazingly relaxing and nourishing one. We ate the freshest most delicious meals from a menu designed by a nutritionist along with our leader. It included fresh fruits and vegetables and traditional Indonesian dishes. Some of my favorites were the Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl and the Nasi Campur. Everything was incredibly delicious and perfectly timed so that we never really had the opportunity to get hungry, which sounds silly to say but when you have a really full day of surfing and activities it’s nice to know the food side of things is completely taken care of already!

My favorite aspect of the wellness side of things at Mind Body Soul Surf was our session with our healer, Clara. I think this may have been everyone’s favorite part to be honest with you. She was incredible, after an amazing chakra therapy session we talked for quite a while and she helped me to focus on some of the things I’ve been wanting to work out. She addressed a lot of the uncertainty and feeling of being ungrounded that I’ve had the past couple of months and gave me some amazing meditation exercises that I have been using the past few weeks. It was an incredible session and definitely one of the highlights of my entire trip.

Wellness with Mind Body Soul Surf Bali

The final aspect of wellness with Mind Body Soul Surf and perhaps the one that is going to make you all the most jealous is our daily spa treatments! We had incredible women from local spas come in and give us massages and facials throughout the week, it was amazingly restorative after all the surfing we had been doing (I know tough life right?) On our last full day we were sent out of the villa to the gorgeous Prana Spa for 2 hour pampering packages that were incredible, I chose the Mystique of Bali and my skin has seriously never been so soft in my life, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed as I was in that flower bath.

I am so glad I was able to experience the full elements of the wellness side of things at Mind Body Soul Surf Bali. They have designed an incredible program with each element complementing each other so perfectly, I was in awe by the end of the week!

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