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What’s Your Favorite Luggage?

Escape Luggage

I’m leaving for my trip to Bali in sevenweeks and I can’t believe how quick it’s sneaking up on me! I’m starting to seriously plan and book things, suddenly making it seem quite real. I’ve been slowly collecting things I need, namely new bikinis and some great sundresses, and realized that I am in desperate need of new luggage.

Weekender Luggage

After the last year of taking a trip seemingly every weekend, my existing weekenders, duffel bags and suitcases are all suffering one injury or another: from broken straps to missing wheels I’ve pretty much exhausted each and every piece of luggage I own. With the big trip to Bali around the corner and a few other trips on the horizon, I’m thinking I’ll check off another one of my 101 in 1001 items and finally invest in “grown up” luggage.

Bric Luggage

one / two / three

 I’m leaning toward a set of roller suitcases and a couple of leather weekenders in different sizes that will survive the beating that my luggage usually endures. I need something that I can toss a bunch of random stuff in at a second’s notice for a last minute getaway, something that, once I arrive, will magically provide everything I need and forgot to pack…is too much to ask for in a piece of luggage?

While a Mary Poppins magical carpet bag would be quite amazing, I realize it’s also pretty unrealistic. Right now I’m loving the Bric’s and Tumi bags but I’m still pretty early in my search and I’m not sure I’m ready to spend that kind of money. I think one piece of a set at a time is going to be the way I go! I would love to hear your suggestions for sturdy and classic luggage pieces that can grow with me as I continue to try and cure my wanderlust.

What’s your favorite luggage?

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