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You may have heard that in order to successfully market your business, you have to prioritize quality or quantity.

But what would happen if you chose both?

This is where real, tangible business growth lives.

You can attract raving fans on social media AND earn genuine engagement.

You can raise your blog traffic AND deeply connect with your devoted readers.

You can be purposeful without having to sacrifice profits.

For over 4 years, my focus has been on growing a relatable, thoughtful brand through quality content backed by a growing community. I’ve helped 20+ travel and lifestyle brands do the same.


have a strong marketing strategy that runs on its own – little input, big results! rest easy knowing your content is attracting your ideal customers and clients
be able to focus on other business projects you’ve been dying to work on organically grow your blog and social media audience by building real trust


Hi, I’m Bree, the 4+ year blogger and online business owner behind bree west. With over a million lifetime pageviews and a combined social media audience of 10k+ followers, I’ve built my brand through engaging content and intentional marketing. With so many platforms and so little time, I’ll help you determine which platforms are best for you and how we can use them to connect with your ideal clients. Ready for next-level business growth? Let’s dig in!


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After you fill out my contact form and I do a little happy dance, we’ll jump on a call to see if we’re a fit! We’ll talk about the inspiration behind your brand, areas for growth, and how I can help. Then I’ll send over some custom consultation package options and we’ll make it official.

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Now that your project is on my calendar, I’ll send over a brand questionnaire and goals worksheet so I can create a comprehensive social media and content marketing strategy based on your analytics. Then it’s time to implement!

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I’ll present the digital marketing strategy to you on another call and depending on our package, we’ll create a full plan for how we’ll implement the strategy together. I also include 1 month of social reporting for each client!



  • How do I know if consulting is right for me?
    • Great question! If you want to rethink your marketing strategy, plan a successful marketing campaign, or simply amp up your blogging or social media presence, you may be in a great place for consulting. Let’s talk more about your needs!
  • I’m a small business owner or blogger. Do you work with smaller businesses?
    • Absolutely! I love working with small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who want to improve their social media and blog presence. I create custom packages for all of my clients so we find the perfect fit for your budget. Click here to get a custom quote.
  • How long will we work together?
    • Our timeline will vary depending on our consulting package. I typically build custom packages for my clients so they’re the perfect fit. I’ll be sure to let you know what timeline you can expect when I present a quote.
  • Anything I need to prepare before we start?
    • We’ll chat more about this on our inquiry call, but having a clear picture of what your social media and content marketing goals will help us in creating a solid strategy. Email me at for more information.
  • When can we start?
    • Email me directly at to chat about your timeline and compare calendars. I can’t wait to get started!