a dash of bree

nantucket beach headshot

Hi! I’m Brianna, a young professional living in Washington D.C. I grew up on the north shore of Massachusetts but moved south for college and just graduated from Catholic University here in D.C., I loved the city so much I decided to stay a while.

This blog is about my life, the people, places and things I love. It’s my little escape from the “real world” and a way to share how I put a touch of color and personality in it. I hope you’ll be able to relate to some of the things I write about and share a little bit of yourself with me.

I love the ocean, fashion, interior design, eastern market on sunny saturdays afternoons. my favorite colors are navy blue and turquoise. my passion is traveling and I dream of seeing the world. My two favorite places in the world are the north shore of Massachusetts and Nantucket but I have a soft spot for London as well. People call me Bree and my middle name is West, I hope you’ll stay a while and enjoy bree west as much as I hope to!

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