Link Love Vol 22

Link Love Vol 22

I know I said this the other day, but I cannot believe it is June. How did that happen?

It’s been a long week, does anyone else notice that the week after a long weekend always feels longer despite being a day shorter? I’ve been running around a little bit crazy, feeling like I’ve been playing catch up since I woke up Tuesday morning! I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with friends, relaxing and hopefully shooting a few outfits to share with y’all!

In addition to link love vol 22 I’m going to start doing something a little different on Fridays and update you on what’s going on currently in my life!

eating // rainbow carrots. Seriously, y’all I’m obsessed, maybe a recipe coming soon? I’m also just eating healthier in general and working on cooking more!

reading // The Devil in the White City

watching // re-watching The West Wing because it’s the best show ever made and it reminds me why I wanted to come to DC in the first place… yes I know it’s just a tv show but it’s a great one!

trying // to stay off my laptop an hour before bed and get in some form of exercise every day, I have got to get back in shape, Marine Corps Marathon is getting closer and closer and I seem to be getting lazier and lazier, it’s a problem.

feeling // a tad overwhelmed and also excited about new opportunities (more on this soon!).

working on // content, content and more content! I’m spending this weekend on a June content calendar and hopefully getting some of the posts written ahead of time!

excited // to see Me Before You, I finished the book a couple weeks ago and absolutely loved it so I can’t wait to see the movie tonight!

Link Love Vol 22

1 // This might just be the most Boston thing I’ve ever seen and it is beyond amazing

2 // You can’t watch it just yet, but you can add the new Gilmore Girls to your Netflix queue

3 // I can’t stop reading all the things about The Cursed Child, these pictures are getting me so excited. Anyone up for a trip to London?

4 // Watching people who hate cats talk about living with cats 

5 // This is only the cutest fight in the history of martial arts

6 // I really want to try this off the shoulder trend that everyone has been rocking, I feel a little left out, not having tried it! I’m thinking this dress might be perfect!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks little dose of link love vol 22! What are you up to this weekend?

May in Review + June Goals

I cannot believe it is already June! How did that happen? I feel like I just got back to DC from Ecuador last week, it’s hard to imagine that was almost three months ago. May was a complete whirlwind, a lot of fun, but insanely busy and honestly I’m glad it’s over. I was looking at May in review myself earlier and thought it might make for a fun post, it’s a bit long so, sorry in advance but may was insane!

May in Review

A lot happened last month, starting with an amazing trip with one of my best friends from CUA out in San Diego and ending with some really exciting changes to my life in DC!

May in Review

I completed my move back to DC, well as complete as a move for me ever gets, I might not be living out of a suitcase anymore but I am definitely still couch surfing. Which is fine because, let’s be honest, I’m usually couch surfing anyways so it’s not anything! I am so happy to be back in DC but missing my San Diego family already, I’m so happy and fortunate to have people I love so much that I can visit any time (right, guys? I can still visit?)

May in Review

I had a quick stop over in NYC to visit with friends and have an incredible “Motherless Mother’s Day brunch” with a bunch of great friends in the city who were all away from home for Mother’s Day. It was a ton of fun, and I always love spending a little bit of time in New York!

May in Review

One of my favorite things about DC is that there is always something going on, whether it’s brunch, happy hour or dinner with friends or an event in the city, you’re rarely bored. And this month was no different, I tried some amazing new restaurants (more on one specific pizza place coming soon) and hit a couple really fun events. Including #newseumnights, which is basically when they keep the Newseum open after hours with a special exhibit. This one focused on the election and social media and it was so much fun! I may or may not have had a few more glasses of wine than I planned to and ended up with a yearly membership… oops.

May in Review

I also got to spend some time in Boston celebrating my little sister’s graduation from college! I’m so incredibly proud of her accomplishments and being able to celebrate them all with her and her friends made for such a perfect weekend!

May in Review

We threw in a Sox game while I was home, because, why not?

May in Review

Wrapping up the month I hit an amazing Washingtonian event opening the Liaison Hotel rooftop pool with a few of my favorite DC bloggers and a friend from home. It was a blast and a perfect way to kick of Memorial Day Weekend, which was actually perfectly low key this year!

Overall it was a crazy busy and insanely fun month, the perfect way to jump back into being DC full-time! I’m looking forward to June, it’s going to be another crazy month with a trip to NYC, Firefly and possibly a quick trip to San Diego on top of adjusting to a new job (hopefully) but it should be great!

June Goals

1 // blogging: get back on a normal schedule with posting! I feel like a broken record but this is a huge priority for me. The last few months have been tough in more ways than one and I’ve not been motivated to do much of anything, but the tides seem to have changed so I’m excited to get back into a normal routine over here

2 // read more: this is a May goal that I’m carrying over, I love reading and always have, so I’m hoping to get back into the habit of reading more often. I read a few great books last month and am always on the lookout for new suggestions so send them my way!

3 // cook more: I’ve been saying this since I graduated 3 years ago and I’ve honestly gotten better at it, but I have got to stop eating out as much and utilize my kitchen more.

That was a long one so thanks for hanging in there! I’d love to hear what you have coming up this month!

Link Love Vol 21

link love vol 21

Happy Friday! I am so done with the weather we are having in DC, it has been grey, gloomy and rainy since I arrived last weekend, and it was like this in San Diego the week before. Yuck. I thought the saying was April showers bring May flowers, not April showers bring more May showers.

This week has been long but a lot of fun, it’s been nice settling back in to DC. This week has been full of drinks and coffee meetings to chat about my job search and potential leads. Wednesday I headed to an amazing event at the Newseum (which is my absolute favorite DC museum) with a couple really good friends from home who are living in DC too, it all centered around social media and the election. Sign me up. There were some really cool exhibits, great food, and a lot of wine that led to me becoming a member of the museum, so DC friends- if you want to go to the Newseum, I’ve got you covered! The best part of being pretty busy this week is that I haven’t even had time to start unpacking. so no one can yell at me for procrastinating… it’s the little things people.

Last night I was putting together link love vol 21 and thinking about what types of links to share. I usually just share what’s on my radar for the week but I’d love to hear from y’all, is there anything specific you want to see when I share these posts? More sales, less articles? I’d love any and all suggestions!

1 // DC is building an ark after 15 straight days of rain

2 // Apparently everyone wants the West Wing to come back just as much as I do

3 // Are you writing those thank you notes after interviews?

4 // Since I seem to be pretty focused on politics this week, check out what celebrities wore to meet the president

5 // Tips for a better night sleep, I’ll try just about anything at this point

6 // Make your google calendar work even better for you

7 // I want this top in every color (and pattern)

8 // ICYMI: This week’s wellness Wednesday post is awesome

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll be catching up on emails, with old friends and hopefully squeezing in a few runs, Marine Corps Marathon is quickly approaching and it is embarrassing how bad my running is right now!

If I missed anything for link love vol 21 let me know so I can check it out!