About Me

Hi! I’m Brianna, a young professional living and working in Washington D.C. I grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts and moved down here in 2009 to go to Catholic University. I quickly fell in love with D.C. and decided to stay a while after graduating!

I created this blog for other travel addicted, fashion loving 20-somethings struggling through post-grad life while chained to a desk. I hope it helps to inspire and help get us through some of the harder things that post-grad life has to offer!

I love the ocean, fashion, interior design and Eastern Market on sunny Fall days. My favorite colors are navy blue and turquoise. My passion is traveling and I often day dream of seeing the world!

This blog was created after an extremely long day at work as a creative escape from my desk job, I remember getting home feeling completely drained and uninspired knowing I was going to have to get up and do the same thing again the next morning and I realized I needed an escape. Enter bree west, I have always loved to write and if you ask any of my family or friends they will tell you gladly and often, that I have more than plenty to say, I wanted to build a community of other young professionals like me, who had graduated and gotten a job and were looking for something more! I love to travel and I can (and do) throw together a last minute trip and look good doing it!

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