Bean Boots Guide

Bean Boots Guide

Bean Boots Guide

Fall is finally here!! I know I’ve been saying that all week but I am just so excited that I’ve been able to have my windows open and air conditioner off for the first time since like April! As temperatures start to drop one of my favorite things to break out are my Bean boots!

Bean Boots Guide

Full disclosure: in Boston I rock my bean boots year round, they’re great alternatives to my Hunter boots when it’s raining in the Spring and Summer. But down in DC they are just too dang warm so they’re reserved for Fall and Winter weather! If you’ve had this classic boot on your wish list, now is the time to buy them! Once it cools off and especially once the cold rainy/snowy weather starts up everyone will be making the mad dash to L.L. Bean and these will be backordered until July.

Bean Boots

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If you’ve never bought a pair of Bean boots before I pulled together a little guide for you on how to buy your first pair!


The first thing you need to know is size down one whole size. These boots run big so go a size down (don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of room for your cozy camp socks!)

6″ or 8″?

I prefer the 8″ Bean boot, they’re definitely better for the snow and because I’m so tall I think they look a little bit better on me! I also love the color combinations you can choose from! The navy ones are on my list.

The 6″ Bean boot is super cute, I think this one is definitely better if you’re in a warmer climate that doesn’t necessarily experience a snowy winter.


Warm is not a word I would use to describe Bean boots. They will keep your feet dry and with a good pair of socks, nice and toasty but on their own, your feet are going to be pretty cold.

If you get cold easily, you might want to think about looking at the Thinsulate or Shearling lined boot. Both of these options are going to keep your feet a lot warmer, especially if you live in an especially chilly place!

Bean Boots Guide

Do you have a pair of Bean boots? What are your tips for picking out your first pair?

photos by the lovely Lauren Joseph

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