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Link Love Vol 25

Link Love Vol 25

Oh man guys, anyone else really excited that Friday is here? I mentioned last week that I got a new job and I started this past Monday and it has been a really long week. I forgot how exhausting working in an actual office is, it’s been nice rolling out of bed to my desk 5 feet away (or just working from bed), and being back in an office? Well, let’s just say it’s going to take some time to get used to it again! I have found myself getting home every night and by 7:30 I’m struggling to keep my eyes open, which is why it’s been pretty quiet around here! But it’s been a great week. I really love the new job and the people I’m working with, and it’s such a great feeling, knowing that I deliberately chose DC and this job and career path. More on that next week though.

I’m heading to Nantucket today to spend a weekend with my family and our best family friends who live in Baltimore and have really become my second family! With my little sister starting her first nursing job soon, my new job, their middle son heading off to college and a big move in store for them it will absolutely be a weekend of celebration and I can’t wait! We will also be seeing my old babysitter (who is like an older sister to us) and her family while we’re there. Nantucket has had a special place in my heart since we first visited the island 10 or so years ago and I try and get up there every summer even if it’s just for a day or two so I can’t wait. This will be my first year flying onto the island from DC and I’m sad I won’t be greeted by the Brandt Point lighthouse and beach goers waving as we pull into the harbor but I am so beyond thrilled not to have to sit in the car for a million hours.


eating // takeout because I have been too tired to grocery shop this entire week. It’s a problem, we’ll see how I feel when I get back from ACK on Sunday…

reading // Cavendon Hall, I’m having a hard time getting into it but it’s pretty good. It showed up on my Barnes and Noble recommended books so I figured I’d give it a shot, we’ll see how it ends up.

watching // the last two weeks I’ve pretty much only been watching the conventions, and of course The Bachelorette… can you believe she sent Luke home?!

trying // to wake up earlier, and failing mind you. I actually miss my 6 a.m. wake up calls in San Diego from the guy collecting cans in the alley and making more noise than you would think is possible

feeling // settled. I have a job that I chose, in a city that I chose to come back to. It’s nice feeling like my feet have kind of hit solid ground for the first time in 4-5 months

working on // Project Apartment. I will get this place decorated and feeling like home if it’s the last thing I do. My bedroom is 95% done but the boxes of stuff everywhere are starting to make me a little bit crazy

excited for // so many things. My new job, Nantucket with my family this weekend, Charleston with great friends next weekend, my kitty to come back to DC soon (hopefully fingers crossed), there’s a lot going on over here and a lot to be excited about!

Link Love Vol 25

1 // Denmark has the most amazing work-life balance culture, I think I could get on board with ‘Cinderella Hour’

2 // Mark your calendars for November 25th, what better way to spend the day after Thanksgiving than binge watching Gilmore Girls?!

3 // Ever had one of those days that is just bad and nothing you do can turn it around? Try this

4 // The guy who runs TED talks shared the best 5 TED talks ever

5 // “Fine.” definitely means I’m annoyed and “fine” usually has a completely different emotion behind it, anyone else use the period as an emoticon of sorts?

6 // My friend and fellow DC blogger Kristyn gave some killer advice for your first blog conference, which I happen to be going to next week!

7 // The J.Crew sale event going on right now is amazing, 50% off all sale items with the code SALEONSALE, I just grabbed these pants for $24!!

That’s all I have for y’all this week! I hope you all have an amazing weekend, be sure to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (breezywest) for all the hydrangeas, weathered cottages and lobster rolls from Nantucket!

Link Love Vol 24

Link Love Vol 24

It’s here! This morning the #NSale opened up to the public and I’m so excited! I’m going to be picking up a couple things and I can’t wait for them to get here! You can see all my picks in the #NSale Favorites tab up at the top, let me know if you add anything to your closet.

It’s been a great week over here, I got a job! It’s been a long few months looking and I’m super excited because I landed in the perfect spot, everything happens for a reason! So this weekend is going to be about getting ready to start working on Monday, getting some posts written and trying to finish up projects around the apartment!

Now for what you’re actually here for, link love vol 24! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Link Love Vol 24

1 // Hanson singing ‘Mmmbop’ 20 years later

2 // This description about this whole Taylor Swift and Kimye drama is awesome

3 // It’s true, a haircut can change your life

4 // A few great tips to get through the airport a little quicker

5 // Waste time productively on your phone

6 // The M. Gemi private sale is going on and there are some seriously amazing deals

7 // There is also a killer sale going on over at GiGi New York… it’s been a tough week for my wallet y’all

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#NSale Favorites

Link Love Vol 23

Link Love Vol 23

I spent this week between Baltimore and DC helping out family friends with the kids while they look for houses for their upcoming move and dealing with my own move back to DC. It’s definitely been hectic but also productive, I feel like the apartment is slowly coming together, all of my stuff is back from California and I finally have my bed set up and my mattress back from storage (thank you Aaron!). I’m planning to spend most of next week getting everything put away and really cleaning everything, then the fun part starts… organizing and decorating. At some point, once I can gather my thoughts about my move(s), I’ll do a post on it, but let’s just say for now that it has been an emotional few months with more than a few days that I wish I could have cancelled and while it’s definitely been challenging, I wouldn’t trade or change this journey for the world!

Before we dive into your weekly dose of procrastination with link love vol 23, here’s a little peak into what’s going on behind the scenes over here and what I’ve been doing!

eating // avocados… when I can find them. One thing I’m definitely missing about San Diego is being able to find good avocados, I’ve been eating them for lunch lately with a little lime juice, salt and red pepper flakes. So good!

reading // I just started The Nest and love it so far! I’m shooting for a book a week this summer (at least until I start working)

watching // Peaky Blinders on Netflix. Seriously stop what you’re doing and go watch it. Now.

trying // to exercise more, this is a constant battle for me. Ever since finishing Dopey last winter I’ve had a really hard time getting back into a routine. Marine Corps Marathon is around the corner though so I’m trying.

feeling // still feeling a bit overwhelmed, I hate moving.

working on // setting up and decorating my apartment in DC so it feels like home. Right now the focus is getting the piles of stuff out of the living room.

excited // to be back in DC, I didn’t realize how much I loved this city until I was gone and I’m enjoying being back, it’s been such a fun summer so far I just wish the humidity would go away!

loving // ClassPass and Fly Wheel

Link Love Vol 23

1 // How Drybar became the Starbucks of blowouts

2 // See what it’s like to be the official White House photographer

3 // The #NSale is here, I have a round up of my picks coming next week but shop now if you have the card

4 // Everything you need to know when planning a trip to Key West

5 // A frozen rosé recipe I will definitely be trying

6 // I’m obsessing over this Montauk inspired bedroom. It’s seriously gorgeous

7 // Ways to set up your desk so it’s less stressful

8 // Restaurant week is around the corner in DC and you can start making reservations now

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