Gift Guide for the Jetsetter

Holiday Gift Guide for the Jetsetter

Travel-related gifts are my absolute favorite, but surprisingly not always the first ideas that come to mind when people ask me what I want or need for a gift. Since I have a very hard time staying in one place for very long (especially the last few months when it seems I’ve been out of town just about every weekend!) my travel gear gets a lot of wear and tear. I have, through a lot of trial and error, figured out what pieces are worth splurging on and what aren’t, what I can’t live without when I’m traveling and what added extras I love to have with me! Whether you have an upcoming trip and are planning your own wishlist or shopping for someone else, here is my tried and true gift guide for the jetsetter in your life!

 Gift Guide for the Jetsetter
Passport Case // Monogrammed Bag Tags // Blanket Scarf // Travel Wallet // Headphones // Eye Mask // Flats // Portable Charger // Weekender Bag

One of my all time favorite gifts to give is passport covers.  Anytime someone in my life is going abroad – whether it be for school or for a trip – I think it’s such a fun idea to give them a personalized passport cover! Personalized bag tags are another great gift, and they make it so much easier to recognize the bag at baggage claim. A blanket scarf, comfy flats and an eye mask are absolute necessities for long flights especially – they make it so much easier to fall asleep on the plane! Great headphones help too, especially ones that will drown out crying babies or snoring neighbors (the worst!). Currency isn’t the same size in every country; if you’re traveling to Europe fitting a Euro into your normal wallet can be a huge pain, getting a wider travel wallet makes life a lot easier. Finally, a good weekender bag might be my #1 requirement for travel. I’m the queen of weekend trips and lately I’ve had to pack in my mid-size roller bag, which results in me massively over packing (I’m pretty sure when I got to Charleston, my friends thought I was staying for a month not 4 days…) having a good weekender that fits a few outfits, a change of shoes and all your toiletries is crucial!

p.s. Be sure to check out my new Pinterest board for more ideas for a holiday gift guide for the jetsetter in your life!

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