A little bit of my life lately from lifestyle and travel blogger Brianna Manzelli of bree west.

Life Lately

An update on life lately from lifestyle and travel blogger Brianna Manzelli of bree west.

It’s been a while since I checked in and shared an update on life lately, honestly that’s because I feel like there hasn’t been a ton going on until the last couple of weeks. It’s still nothing major but March seems to be my month the past few years and I find myself getting fairly reflective this time of year. There has consistently been a fairly big change in my life during the month, and this year is no different!

First, and probably most important is – I got a new job!!! I am half way through the first week of my new gig and so far I love it, it’s a lot more in line with what I ultimately want to be doing and overall, just a better situation. It’s no big secret that I didn’t exactly love my last job and I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I tend to feel super drained when I’m in a situation that I don’t necessarily love, the last thing I want to do is sit down and write a post. A lot of times it felt like I’m just generating content for contents sake and usually it’s garbage, so instead of doing that, I go radio silent. Basically, I’ve been on autopilot and about six weeks ago I started to snap out of it, because you guys have supported me for the last three and a half years and deserve better.

A little bit of my life lately from lifestyle and travel blogger Brianna Manzelli of bree west.

Which leads me to my next update, I’ve been slowly easing back into blogging the last couple of months, after taking a fairly long hiatus for a handful of reasons. The main one being, honestly, a lack of inspiration. I’ve really been focusing on the blog more and without giving too much away, but I have some really exciting things planned in the coming months, including a completely new look. So while things are still slower than they were a year ago, I am spending far more time strategizing and planning for the next couple months, plus working on the back end of things, which is an area I have seriously neglected and am now paying the price for.

Other than my trip to Iceland and Amsterdam coming up on Saturday, that’s really it, but it does mean a few things for around here. First, I will be posting more consistently, which is exciting! Second, my posts are going to be geared a lot more toward travel and style. I’ll still share lifestyle posts here and there but expect to see a lot more travel content, especially more travel guides! Third, while I will continue sharing on social media, I’m likely not going to be focusing quite as much energy there as I have the past year. I love engaging with y’all on social but sometimes it can be draining to have to worry about putting out great and consistent content across so many channels and I want to focus here first and hopefully allow it to filter through to my social platforms! Finally, everything around here is going to look very different soon so stay tuned, and while I have some plans for upcoming content I always love hearing from y’all, so if there’s anything specific you want to see please let me know!

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