Link Love Vol 10
link love

Link Love Vol 10

Link Love Vol 10

Happy Friday! I’m absolutely loving San Diego so far but things have been truly insane! I have a feeling things might still be a bit sporadic over the next couple of weeks while I continue to get settled and get my feet on the ground but so far I could not have made a better decision and I am so beyond excited for the next few months!

There have been so many awesome things popping up on my radar this week but I picked out a few of my favorite to share with you for this weeks link love vol 10!

1. This series shows the truth of the perfect insta and I love it! We are all guilty of putting in the extra effort that in hindsight usually seems a little ridiculous to get the perfect insta-worthy picture!

2. The prettiest little ice cubes you ever did see, I will definitely be trying these fora cocktail party in the near future!

3. Hostess gifts that will guarantee you get invited back!

4. This is the perfect Instagram account making fun of all other Instagrams, I’ve definitely been guilty of staging a picture or two featured on this incredibly stylish feed!

5. I love this post that Katie did! What would your autobiography be titled?

6. Kristyn got to go to a Lauren Hooper Calligraphy class and I am so jealous and cannot wait to take her class in December!

7. Monica put together the only guide you need this year when you’re buying your Bean Boots!

8. I can’t get enough of the J.Crew new arrivals! Especially this jacket!

9. Excuse me while I live in this sweater all fall!

What’s on your link love list this week? I’d love to hear what’s been on your radar! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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