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Link Love Vol 26

Link Love Vol 26 and For the Love of Shoes

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This week has been insane so I’m going to keep it short and sweet for link love vol 26! Work is crazy busy, I have a huge client event going on all next week that I’ve been working on and while it’s a lot of fun to be running point on a project of this size it’s also a lot of work. And of course on top of it I have the flu, so I feel a bit like I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off and you’ll have to forgive me because things are going to be a little bit sporadic over the next few days.

This weekend is going to be a lot of fun despite being sick, with a friend visiting from Charleston, a Gatsby event on Saturday, then H Street festival and plans to do some staycation activities I have a feeling we’re going to be pretty busy and I’m excited. I love having people in town because it always gives me the opportunity to do the touristy things I don’t do every day!

1 // For all you DC area ladies… the For the Love of Shoes is going on at Arundel Mills right now and you have to try and get there if you can! There are a ton of amazing stores participating and having great sales on their shoes, plus they have some really cool origami shoes on display in the mall. If you follow me on Snapchat (breezywest) you probably saw my snaps of the origami artist putting together some of the shoes last weekend, plus the snaps of all the shoes I desperately want to buy, and of course the ones I ended up with! It runs until 9/30 so definitely check it out and share what you end up with 🙂

2 // The Capitol Dome is finally scaffolding free again and it looks amazing!

3 // I am obsessed with everything Banana Republic right now, their new arrivals are amazing. 

4 // Obsessed with cashmere like me but not so much with the price? Here you go!

Happy weekend, enjoy the last weekend of Summer as best you can!

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