Music Festival Survival Essentials

The 9 Things You Can’t Survive Festival Season Without

It’s that time of year again, everyone’s Snapchat and Instagram stories are full of tons of music, flower crowns, boho chic outfits, and chances are, lots and lots of dust. So whether you’re heading to Gov Ball or meeting me at Firefly, and I pulled together a list of my top music festival survival essentials to get you through the weekend.Music Festival Survival Essentials

1. Water bottle // There is nothing worse than being hungover dehydrated during a music festival. Most music festivals won’t let you bring any liquids in, and their security can be tighter than an airport, but a lot of times there are water stations so pack a water bottle that you can refill throughout the weekend to stay hydrated.

2. Bandana // One word: dust. My first year at Firefly it was so incredibly dusty we could barely breathe. Now I make sure I am never without a bandana at the festival, not only does it help protect you when walking from stage to stage, it can also help complete an outfit. #priorities

3. Wet Ones // Festivals are dirty, most of them are in the summer time so it’s hot and chances are most of the people you’re crammed into small spaces with are sweaty and gross and haven’t showered in a few days. Do yourself a favor, thank me later.

4. Backpack // They hold everything, I’m not a huge backpack fan but honestly, I could not survive a festival without one.

5. Snacks // Because you can’t always find something to eat when you need to get to that stage 2 hours early to make sure you get the best spot for your favorite performer.

6. Portable Charger // There are (in the case of Firefly, at least) 90,000 people trying to post Instagrams, Snapchats or text their group to reconnect after a little nap, your battery will die and the charging stations are always over crowded.

7. Sunscreen // Protect your skin kiddos, even if it’s a cloudy day you can still get a sunburn. Nothing can ruin a perfectly good festival more than a killer sunburn on day one!

8. Sneakers // Or any comfy shoes, I wore these exact shoes last year and they were life savers, although I’m thinking of rocking my Chaco’s this year.

9. Tissues // The food stalls run out of napkins and porta potties run out of TP by the end of the weekend. Kind of like the wet ones, thank my later.

Festivals are so much fun, there is amazing music, beer, good food and the energy is incredible, honestly what more could you possibly want? My tips for survival have been to drink a ton of water, get good rest at night and not drinking too much. That plus these 9 essentials to pack and you’re good to go for what should be a perfect festival weekend!

Are you heading to any festivals this year? What are your music festival survival essentials?

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