Must Have Pants for Fall and Winter
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Must Have Pants for Fall and Winter

I’ve talked a lot about sweaters and outerwear this fall, layers upon layers tends to be my number one focus this time of year but pants are the best part of this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I love summertime, the warm weather that allow for dresses, skirts and shorts everyday but jeans weather is my favorite. Even in the summer, I love those cool summer nights when I can pull on my jeans and not feel like I’m melting. So when this time of year rolls around, you can imagine how happy I get that I can pull out my stack of must have pants for fall and winter!

Must Have Pants for Fall and Winter

Jeans:: as I mentioned, I can’t really live without my skinny jeans, they’re perfect with a pair of flats or loafers and easy to tuck into boots. Jeans are tough, and it’s easy to give up and just grab the first pair that look halfway decent, it’s worth it to spend the time to find a pair of really great jeans. They don’t have to the the most expensive pair either, I love my Levi’s and pretty much live in them but I finally jumped on the Boyfriend jean style and these from Old Navy are super comfortable and look great!

Leggings:: I have a pair of leggings I change into pretty much every time I walk into my apartment, and leggings are perfect for running errands or on those days that are so cold and dreary you don’t want to function. They’re the perfect pants to throw on with a big cozy sweater!

Cords:: for a long time I boycotted cords, I’m not sure why, maybe because my mom bought them for us every year and I never really like them and I never liked the way they fit. I found these skinny ones last year from J.Crew and love them. They’re perfect to tuck into boots and they look great, bonus they’re white. I like this new Winter white trend, a few years ago I’d never wear white after Labor Day but I really like the way it looks with some of my Fall and Winter outfits!

Holiday:: one fun pair of pants is necessary for all of the holiday parties, or just to dress up a simple top or sweater. I really like these, especially for holiday parties!

Work:: once the temperatures drop I almost never wear dresses or skirts to work, every once in a while with a pair of tights. But for work it’s so much easier, warmer and comfier to wear a pair of pants. Banana Republic is one of my go to’s for dress pants, I really like these!

Chinos:: perfect for those days that you need something a bit dressier than jeans but not quite work pants! Love these ones or these!

What are your must have pants for fall and winter?

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