Wellness Wednesday: Love Love Lemon
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Love Love Lemon

My dad has the coolest friends. I mean that in all seriousness. I’ve been so lucky to learn from, lean on, and hang out with all these amazing people he’s met throughout the years. Moving to San Diego has been no different. My dad is a big surfer and has been coming out to San Diego for most of my life to surf and spend time with one of his best friends. Over that time he has built a pretty great network of people that I’ve been able to rely on the last few months!

One of the awesome people I’ve met through him is Nicole. I teamed up with her to do some really fun photos about a month ago, and we started chatting and she has become a bit of a wellness guru for me! I’ve been really focusing on wellness since moving here — I’m trying to eat better, exercise more, and spend more time outside. While I was in DC, someone told me the West Coast looks good on me. Well a lot of that is thanks to Nicole’s awesome tips!

Wellness Wednesday: Love Love Lemon

I’m teaming up with her again to bring you a new series! Twice a month Nicole will be doing a Wellness Wednesday Takeover, sharing different tips with you, including everything from the benefits of lemon to fitness tips! I hope you love her tips as much as I do!

I’m especially excited about this Wellness Wednesday post because I am seriously obsessed with lemon. If you know me you know it is the one thing that is always in my fridge (and sometimes the only thing in my fridge)! I’ve started drinking warm lemon water every morning and can definitely notice a difference!

Wellness Wednesday: Love Love Lemon

What do you think of the new Wellness Wednesday series? Do you drink lemon water?

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