weekly words of wisdom: entrepreneur

you have to live, breath and be thethis week’s words of wisdom is for the entrepreneurs out there. it can be hard starting, running and being an entrepreneur in general, and it is definitely easy to get down on ourselves and resort to sitting on the couch watching keeping up with the kardashians eating cookie dough  wanting to give up. i have found that in that moment, the best thing to do is push through and keep going. do whatever motivates you to get there, for me it’s looking at some of the entrepreneurs i idolize and seeing their successes and remembering that it couldn’t have always been easy. the quote above is from taylor ivey, who’s capes at ellsworth & ivey are to die for! she is such an inspiring business and entrepreneur and her products are absolutely gorgeous- the wax cotton cape has quickly made it to the top of my wishlist list! i think she has it so right though, a lot of times i feel like i’m completely lost and in over my head but faking it until you make it or as she so elegantly put it, in her interview with the college prepster: “you have to live, breathe and be the person you want to become. no one will do it for you. even if you aren’t there yet, you have to start now.”

in that spirit here are some words of wisdom to motivate you if you’re stuck in a rut or feeling down, i hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me!

she who dares wins

take time to do what makes you happy

dreams don't work unless you do

the people who are crazy enough to think

what do you do when you need a little motivation?

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