lazy saturdays

usually my weekends are pretty crazy, in a good way. they’re usually filled with brunch with friends and exploring d.c., taking weekend trips, catching up on chores from the week, and working on bree west. it can be tiring, especially after a long week at work. sometimes i think we rush too much, we pack so many things into our days that we don’t have enough time to spend with our friends and family and just be in the moment. one of the things on my goal list for this coming year was to take time to be in the moment and spend quality time with friends and family relaxing without having to stress about getting somewhere and doing something. after a hectic week for all of us my roommates j and t and t’s girlfriend k decided to take today to decompress.

after sleeping in quite a bit this morning and making homemade waffles and fresh orange juice, with my favorite kitchen appliance in the whole world- a breville juicer, i did one of my favorite things in the world, hung out in comfy clothes caught up on TV shows and watched a few movies.

after spending several hours just relaxing and hanging out i helped k get ready for a black tie gala she was attending with t. it was fun to play dress up for a little while and get to have some girl time while we did her hair and make up.

once t and k left for the gala, me and j made dinner and watched man of steel- which i have been dying to see since it came out in june! the wait was worth it, if you haven’t seen it and you like superhero movies even a little bit you have to see it! while we were watching it i spent some time crafting for the first time in a long time, i made some new hair bows.

as i’m sitting here writing this it sounds like a busy day but it was so relaxing and i am feeling rejuvenated after a two back to back weekends of travel and a crazy week. i loved cozying up in my go to lazy clothes…

J.Crew Long-Sleeve Painter Tee

j.crew long-sleeve painter tee

Nike Legendary Pant Tight Fit

nike legendary tight

LL Bean Women's Cotton Ragg Camp Socks

ll bean cotton ragg camp socks

what are your favorite things to do on lazy weekends? what are your go-to comfy clothes?

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