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Happy Fri-yay! And after a week of what felt like perpetual Wednesdays I am so excited. My parents are in town and I am so excited to put them to work in the apartment spend some time with them!

The apartment is really feeling like home these days, it’s amazing to come home every day to a place that feels like mine. I finally feel less like a college student/nomad and am starting to feel more like an adult (not that I’m acting like it because I have roughly 1 months worth of laundry that I have yet to do… oops) and it’s a nice feeling. I’ve done a lot of it but there are still a few little projects that I need my parents help with, aka dad needs to do all the things involving tools because, honestly, it’s just easier to let him do it. Plus, this way, if it gets messed up it’s his fault not mine! I cannot wait to share the updated apartment with y’all in a couple of weeks when it’s finally done! To say I’m obsessed would be the understatement of the century.

Link Love Vol 26

This week was definitely long but has been a pretty good one. Aside from my parents getting into town last night, I attended a breakfast hosted by Politico on Wednesday morning with theSkimm founders and y’all, it was amazing. I know most of you probably already read theSkimm and have heard me go on and on about it over the past couple of years but if you aren’t signed up, click that link right now and thank me later. It really is an incredible way to receive your news every day and the women behind it are just as incredible and beyond inspiring. A lot of the things they were talking about, I felt like they were talking directly to me, which makes sense since that is how they’ve built their brand, by having a voice that every ‘millennial-female’ can relate to. They talked about everything from the communications world I work in now to the difficulties of being an entrepreneur, many of which I have faced with bree west. I was lucky enough to chat with Carly after and she was so sweet. Definitely a highlight of the week!

It’s been roughly a hundred years since we did a link love so for vol 27 I thought I’d share a little update and some things on my radar this week! I hope you all have a great weekend!


eating // more takeout than I’m comfortable admitting. Work has been insane the last month, between campaigns starting and ending, and me still trying to figure out what it is I’m actually supposed to be doing, by the time I get home I definitely don’t want to go grocery shopping and I’m way too tired to cook, so for now Postmates and UberEats are my 2 favorite and probably most used apps.

reading // Trying to finish Cavendon Luck, which honestly isn’t very good but it’s the third book in a series I started and I have a problem with not finishing books/series. It’s a poorly written Downtown Abbey and I’m kind of over it.

watching // Allllll the shows are back. While I love a good Netflix binge as much as the next girl, it’s also nice to have some of my favorite shows back with new episodes.

trying // To get into a workout routine. See the first point. If I’m too tired to get food for myself you can bet I’m finding every excuse in the book not to workout.

feeling // Productive. This week has been a long and slightly crazy week but I got so. much. done. So I’m feeling pretty good about that and hoping it continues into next week.

excited for // My parents to be here, cooler temperatures, Fall weather, another trip home coming up!

link love vol 27

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